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Wye - Source to Sea
Mountain Biking

2 mile run, 50 mile cycle, 100 mile canoe.

From Pumlumon Fawr [Plynlimon] to Chepstow

Postponed due to injury.

Sean and I hope to do this in 3 days. Mike has kindly offered to act as support.

Based on 10 km/h off road, 16 km/h on road, 5 km/h canoeing and Sean hobbling on his bad ankle for the run.

Friday approach
 20 miles 17:30Chepstow Meet to leave a car.
 94 miles 20:00Glansevern Arms Hotel Food.
   21:00 Start cycling up the track.
 4 km50 m21:30 Leave bikes by the wood and walk up the ridge.
 4 km330 m23:00Source of the Wye Camp.
   6:00 Start.
1:004 km-330 m7:00 Run down steep stream valley, back to bikes.
1:203 km-50 m7:20 Cycle down the track. Leave camping gear in the car.
1:508 km-50 m7:50Llangurig Down the A44.
2:5517 km(50 m)8:55Rhayader Minor roads to Ddole Farm.
3:001 km0 m9:00 Bridleway.
3:206 km0 m9:20 Minor roads.
3:403 km0 m9:40 Bridleway.
4:004 km(85 m)10:00Newbridge-on-Wye Minor roads over unavoidable hill.
4:4512 km(70 m)10:45Builth Wells Start on the A470, then switch to the west bank. Minor hilly roads.
6:0021 km0 m12:00 Mostly minor roads on the east bank.
6:203 km0 m12:20Glasbury Bridleway.
6:2078 km  Total
6:30  12:30 Start canoeing.
12:5432 km32 km18:54Bredwardine Pub.
   6:00 Start
14:066 km38 km7:12Preston-on-Wye Basic campsite.
17:1816 km54 km10:24Hereford
20:0614 km68 km13:12Holme Lacey bridge Campsite.
26:1831 km99 km19:24Ross-on-Wye Pubs here.
   8:00 Start
30:3021 km120 km12:12Symonds Yat
32:5412 km132 km14:36Monmouth
36:3018 km150 km18:12Brockweir Tidal below here. Must be near to high tide.
38:3010 km160 km20:12Chepstow

Mon 10 July 2006, Chepstow
High tide: 19:50 BST / 11.92 m
Sunset: 21:26 BST
Moon almost full


Tent, sleeping bags, mats
Head torches, compass, map
Running shoes, socks, Ron Hills, T-shirt, Buffalo, waterproof
Light breakfast

Bikes, tools, helmet, cycling shoes
Food for the morning, water

Canoe, paddles, buoyancy aids, bailer, sponge
Tent, sleeping bags, mats, toilet roll, towel
Dry bags, straps, krabs
Head torches, GPS, radio, maps, map bags, phone, walkie talkies, money, camera, batteries
Clothes - waterproof, gloves, hat, Buffalo, Tevas, running shoes, shorts
Stove, fuel, matches, mugs, plates, cutlery
Food - 3 lunches, 2 evening meals, 2 breakfasts, beer


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