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Somerset, September 2006

A wet weekend in Somerset.

Sat 30 Sep 2006
The weather forecast was bad but
Liz, William, George and I decided to go away in the camper van anyway, but not too far. We packed and left on Saturday morning, driving down the M5 to Bucklegrove Caravan Park in Rodney Stoke . After lunch we walked along Westclose Hill to Westbury-sub-Mendip , then came back, south of the main road. We swam in the pool before tea and got the boys to bed reasonably early.

The rain poured down overnight - very loud in the van, and we had some good thunder and lightning.

Sun 1 Oct 2006
Still wet in the morning so the boys played lego while Liz and I read the paper. We went for another swim, then drove to Glastonbury
for lunch at the Crown Hotel, Glastonbury . By the afternoon the sun was shining but it was quite windy. We cycled a loop through the peat levels, including the old railway which runs alongside the canal, heading west.

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