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Running Diary 2005

Runs of the year.

Sun 23 Jan 20059km200m0:58Mike, Mark WhitwamPart of the Dursley Dozen - Dusting of snow on Stinchcombe Hill
Sun 30 Jan 200514km380m1:30Mike, Mark WhitwamMike's, Wortley, Cotswold Way, Coombe, Monument
Sat 5 Feb 200520km480m2:00MikePrecipice, Whiteway, New Inn, Pitt Court, Wotton Hill, Leys Farm, Bradley, Wotton Hill, home
Sat 12 Feb 20055km170m0:50MikePart of the Dursley Dozen
Sun 20 Feb 200519km490m1:49MikeDursley Dozen 2005
Sun 3 Apr 200511km340m1:45SeanWaterley Bottom circuit - Sean's first decent run after injury
Sun 10 Apr 200515km510m1:45SeanTo Cam Long Down and back
Sat 16 Apr 200521km290m2:17SeanSean's, Avonmouth bridge, Clifton bridge - Hard work
Sun 24 Apr 20057km120m0:46Mike, Mark Whitwam, Bruce, ArchieWotton, Hawpark Farm, Nind Lane, Wortley, Kingswood, Wotton
Sun 8 May 200518km40m2:03 Frog Hall, Flyford Flavell, Kington, Radford, Rous Lench, Bishampton, Naunton Beauchamp - Some indistinct footpaths and nettles
Tue 17 May 20056km120m0:32 Westridge Woods
Sat 21 May 200525km820m3:23SeanDynamic Adventure Racing Plus, May 2005 - And then we did 4 hours on bikes
Sun 5 Jun 200520km320m1:48Mike, SeanCotswold Way, leg 5 - Warm drizzle. Recce for Mike - 1 minor route problem. Must run more!
Sun 12 Jun 20057km210m0:41 Stancombe, Monument, Woods, Howley, Daisy Lane, Home
Tue 14 Jun 20057km210m0:39 Stancombe, Monument, Woods, Howley, Daisy Lane, Home
Sun 19 Jun 200520km550m2:10Mike, SeanCotswold Way, leg 2 - Evening, but still very hot. Slight route problem on Cleeve Common. Should beat 2 hours in the race.
Sat 25 Jun 200520km550m1:41 Cotswold Way Relay 2005 - I was very happy with this time.
Sun 10 Jul 20057km165m0:42MikeCircuit from Mike's - Very hot. Nice run after 2 weeks off.
Wed 13 Jul 20056km160m0:39 Park Wood - Another hot evening.
Sat 16 Jul 20057km140m0:52 Westermill Farm, up the Exe, back via Rams Combe - Rough under foot in places.
Mon 25 Jul 20058km550m1:12 Top of Bethesda, Foel Meirch, Foelgraig, back
Wed 27 Jul 200510km500m1:43 Bwlch Mawr, back - Very rough, pathless terrain.
Sat 6 Aug 200514km355m1:29Mike, SeanMike's, Wortley, Tor Hill, Tyley Bottom, Coombe Hill - Mike is fast!
Wed 10 Aug 200515km510m1:35SeanTo Cam Long Down and back - 10 minutes quicker than April
Thu 18 Aug 20055km110m0:29 Quick twilight run in the woods
Thu 25 Aug 20058km135m0:55 Through the woods to The New Inn, in the dark.
Sun 28 Aug 20059km15m0:44MikeFrog Hall, road loop through North Piddle - Still recovering from the night before.
Sat 3 Sep 200521km515m2:25MikeMike's, Wotton, Hawpark Farm, Wortley, Tresham, Boxwell, Newark Park, Coombe Hill, Monument - A while since I ran so far and I felt it. Survived on blackberries towards the end.
Tue 6 Sep 20055km160m0:29 Monument, Woods, Howley, Daisy Lane, Home
Sun 18 Sep 200527km530m3:42SeanThree Peaks Circular Trail - I need to run more!
Sun 2 Oct 200517km470m2:00SeanCam Long Down, Bowcott Farm - with light rucsacs
Sat 8 Oct 200510km120m0:55 Damery road loop - in the dark. New Walshes.
Sun 16 Oct 200544km1620m8:48SeanBlack Mountains: Pont-Rhys-Powell, Hatterrall Hill, Black Darren, Parc Bach, Twyn Talycefn, Bal Mawr, Carn Wen, Disgwylfa, Pentwyn, back. KIMM training with navigation some off paths. Steady pace but we kept going well.
Sat 22 Oct 200510km210m1:04MikePrecipice, around Stinchcome Hill, Breakheart Hill, home - Taking it steady a week before the KIMM
Sat 29 Oct 200543km2870m10:36SeanKIMM Day 1
Sun 30 Oct 200530km1430m7:07SeanKIMM Day 2
Sat 12 Nov 20055km90m0:29 Kingswood to home - gentle loosener as the Sodbury Slog is tomorrow.
Sun 13 Nov 200515km160m1:23MikeSodbury Slog 2005

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