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Family, friends and other acquaintances.

Mark Bailey - This is my website.
Liz Bailey - Wife and fellow vocalist in Macaroni Penguins.
William Bailey - Number 1 son.
George Bailey - Number 2 son.
Alice Bailey - Number 1 daughter.
Howie Bailey - My brother - vj, visual artist, video designer, performance juggler and yoyo master.
Jenni Bailey - Howie's wife.
Sam Dickinson
Nick Eames - Mountain biking partner.
Sean Franks - Expedition partner.
Dave Gee
Simon Holliday
Michelle James - Drummer in Macaroni Penguins.
Scott Johnston
Steve Loughran - "Extreme Programming - Extreme Cycling - Slightly Scary Mountaineering".
Ruth Love
Simon Love
Bruce Molyneux
Conrad Parke
Mike Powell - Brother-in-law, fellow musician and runner.
Dave Randell
Jim Randell - My friend since university and long-time collaborator.
Mike Reeves
Frederik Willerup - Keyboard player in Macaroni Penguins until he returned to Copenhagen.
Mathias Willerup - Web designer and adrenaline junkie.
Will Wray

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