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KIMM 2005
Lake District

Sat 29 Oct 2005
Eastern Lake District.

Course distances and planned winning times are for reasonable weather conditions.
1. Elite (E) 80km 11 hrs (60 teams)
2. Standard (A) 65km 10 hrs (149 teams)
3. Standard (B) 50km 9 hrs (276 teams)
4. Standard (C) 40km 8 hrs (331 teams)
5. Standard (S) Long 7 hrs + 6 hrs (275 teams)
6. Standard (S) Medium 6 hrs + 5 hrs (278 teams)
7. Standard (S) Short 5 hrs + 4 hrs (275 teams)

Total: 1644 teams

Sean and I are chose Class A after coping OK with Class B in
KIMM 2004. Team 206. Start times:

Day 1: 08:48
Day 2: 08:41

Team ID K90A

The event centre was at Park Foot Camping Park at the north-east end of Ullswater . The weather was windy with some rain forecast but warm for the time of year. The first two controls took us steadily up onto Barton Fell and Loadpot Hill. Then the first steep descent into Fusedale to pick up the road into Boredale and a steep climb onto Place Fell. We got some running done on the paths along the ridge towards CP4 just south of Angle Tarn before another steep descent to the footbridge over Hayeswater Gill. Skirting round to Pasture Beck we then faced another steep climb over Hartsop Dodd into Caudale and round to the quarry on Rough Edge. The climb up to Thornthwaite Crag was on a path for a change but still steep and we had now been going 5:40 hours and already climbed over 2000 m. We were pretty tired.

CP7 was a soul-destroying drop down into a valley before an immediate 320 m climb straight out again. At last we could run again as we followed the fence along the tops before dropping down to CP8 at Hobgrumble Gill, above Swindale. The terrain became less steep now, but more intricate and very wet under foot. Too wet and tussocky for us to run to CP10, near Saddle Crags. We got there at 6pm just as it was getting dark. We soon saw the flood lights at our overnight camp but we still had to find CP11, a small spur 2.5 km across rough swampy ground. We followed a bearing to get into the right area. By now it was dark but there were plenty of othe head torches around us. A large group was coming back towards us and we guessed that they were looking for the control, working from the fence beyond. This helped us pin down the control. CP12 was downhill towards the camp site and easy to find. We were at the finish, below Wet Sleddale Reservoir, just before 7.30.

The site was pretty full, but we found a nice flat dry spot and the rain held off while we cooked. Though windy, it was warm and after eating we checked the results (31st so far sounded very good to us) and bumped into Martin who was doing well on the Elite course. He led us (eventually) to Tim and Paul's tent.

We slept as well as could be expected and too soon had to get up for our 8am start. It was still windy and rainy squalls were passing through and the organisers announced that the shorter bad weather cources would be used. We were part of the mini-mass start for everyone who had finished after 7pm, and moved with the group, west to CP1. Leg 2 had more route choice and we were soon on our own, fighting through heavy rain as we made our way to a tricky spur below Selside Pike. With CP3 omitted we could run down the Old Corpse Road path to the road beside Haweswater and on up to CP4 below Blea Water. With the weather still wild we opted to go to CP5 via the lakeside path, giving us one last 400m climb up Whelter Bottom and over to Measand Beck. With 5 hours done the end was coming into sight. We contoured round, dropped into Cawdale and followed the stream (via the last of many wet crossings) down to tracks and some road. We reluctanly started running again and soon loosened up a bit. CP8 was on Tarn Moor before a final descent across the moor to the finish.

We were more tired than I can remember, but glad to have completed the course.

As expected, we had lost places on Day 2 and slipped back to 47th. We were pleased with this, especially when it turned out that only 58 of the 128 teams (45%) made it to the finish.

Actual distances are always more than the straight-line course distances so we were expecting something like this or possibly a bit more:

Day 140 km1200 m9:00
Day 230 km1000 m6:30
Total70 km2200 m15:30

What we actually got was

Day 143 km2870 m10:35:40
Day 230 km1430 m07:07:29
Total73 km4300 m17:43:09

So the distances were fine but the climb was twice what we expected. That's a lot! To quote the KIMM website, "The Elite distance varies between 75-85km (effectively 2 consecutive marathons) according to the terrain/year and height gain can be up to 3,000m". Only up to 3,000m on the Elite?!


Entry list: www.joelee.biz/cgi-local/kimmentrieslist.pl?Submit=Y

Results: www.joelee.co.uk/2005/kimm/kimm05resa2.html


Tent *690g
Poles *60g
Pegs *20g
Custom Trangia *120g
Meths *240g
Tinfoil wind shield10g
Pan 1.5L140g
Tinfoil lid10g

Rucsac *770g
Sleeping bag *750g
Walsh running shoes *-
Socks *-
Helly Hansen Lifa top *-
Ron Hill tracksters *190g
Waterproof top *260g
Waterproof trousers *210g
Hat *25g
Gloves *35g
Petzl Micro headtorch *150g
Whistle *5g
Compass *35g
Map *-
First aid *25g
Pen *10g
Space blanket *50g
Plastic spoon5g
330ml water bottle20g
Toilet paper10g
* Required items

4 x Hula Hoops
6 x Mini Peperami60g
4 x Mars Bars
4 x Tunnocks caramel wafer
4 x Snickers flapjack
4 x Dried pineapple
Jelly babies

4 x 3 Minute Noodles340g
2 Cup-a-soups50g

Milk powder100g

So total pack weight at the start of day 1 was ~5.5kg (including 330g of water and all extra clothing).

Sodbury Slog 2005 - Sun 13 Nov 2005 - 8.5 miles through fields and mud.

Running Diary 2005 - Runs of the year.

Sat 29 Oct 2005
Mark and Sean starting the KIMM.
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