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English 2000 Footers

My current tally is 94 of the 252 tops of England listed by the Nutalls.

NameMetresGrid ReferencesLocationDone
The Cheviot 815mNT909205Cheviots
Hedgehope Hill 714mNT943197Cheviots
Comb Fell 652mNT924187Cheviots
Windy Gyle 619mNT855152Cheviots
Cushat Law 615mNT928137Cheviots
Bloodybush Edge 610mNT902143Cheviots
Lakes: North Western Fells
Grasmoor 852mNY174203Lakes: North Western Fells
Crag Hill [Eel Crag] 839mNY192203Lakes: North Western Fells
Grisedale Pike 791mNY198225Lakes: North Western Fells
Sail 773mNY198202Lakes: North Western Fells
Wandope 772mNY188197Lakes: North Western Fells
Hopegill Head 770mNY185221Lakes: North Western Fells
Sand Hill 756mNY187218Lakes: North Western Fells
Dale Head 753mNY223153Lakes: North Western Fells
Hobcarton Crag 739mNY193220Lakes: North Western Fells
Robinson 737mNY201168Lakes: North Western Fells
Hindscarth 727mNY215165Lakes: North Western Fells
Whiteside East Top [Whiteside] 719mNY175221Lakes: North Western Fells
Whiteside [Grasmoor] 707mNY170219Lakes: North Western Fells
Ladyside Pike 703mNY185227Lakes: North Western Fells
Scar Crags 672mNY208206Lakes: North Western Fells
Whiteless Pike 660mNY180189Lakes: North Western Fells
High Spy 653mNY234162Lakes: North Western Fells
Causey Pike 637mNY218208Lakes: North Western Fells
High Spy North Top 634mNY236171Lakes: North Western Fells
Hobcarton End 634mNY195235Lakes: North Western Fells
Lakes: Northern Fells
Skiddaw 931mNY260290Lakes: Northern FellsX
Blencathra 868mNY323277Lakes: Northern FellsX
Skiddaw Little Man 865mNY266277Lakes: Northern FellsX
Gategill Fell Top 851mNY317273Lakes: Northern FellsX
Atkinson Pike 845mNY324282Lakes: Northern FellsX
Carl Side 746mNY255280Lakes: Northern FellsX
Long Side 734mNY248284Lakes: Northern FellsX
Lonscale Fell 715mNY285271Lakes: Northern FellsX
Knott 710mNY296329Lakes: Northern Fells
Bowscale Fell 702mNY333305Lakes: Northern FellsX
Great Calva 690mNY290311Lakes: Northern Fells
Bannerdale Crags 683mNY335290Lakes: Northern FellsX
Sale How 666mNY276286Lakes: Northern FellsX
Carrock Fell 663mNY341336Lakes: Northern Fells
High Pike 658mNY318350Lakes: Northern Fells
Little Calva 642mNY282314Lakes: Northern Fells
Hare Stones 627mNY315343Lakes: Northern Fells
Great Lingy Hill 616mNY309339Lakes: Northern Fells
Lakes: Western Fells
Great Gable 899mNY211103Lakes: Western FellsX
Pillar 892mNY171121Lakes: Western Fells
Scoat Fell 841mNY159113Lakes: Western Fells
Pillar - Black Crag 828mNY165116Lakes: Western Fells
Red Pike (Wasdale) 826mNY165106Lakes: Western Fells
Steeple 819mNY157116Lakes: Western Fells
High Stile 807mNY170148Lakes: Western FellsX
Kirk Fell 802mNY194104Lakes: Western FellsX
Green Gable 801mNY214107Lakes: Western FellsX
Haycock 797mNY144107Lakes: Western Fells
Kirk Fell East Top 787mNY199107Lakes: Western FellsX
Pillar Rock 780mNY171123Lakes: Western Fells
Red Pike (Buttermere) 755mNY160154Lakes: Western FellsX
High Crag 744mNY180140Lakes: Western FellsX
Little Gowder Crag 733mNY140109Lakes: Western Fells
Brandreth 715mNY214119Lakes: Western Fells
Grey Knotts 697mNY217125Lakes: Western Fells
Caw Fell 697mNY131109Lakes: Western Fells
Seatallan 692mNY139084Lakes: Western Fells
Fleetwith Pike 648mNY205141Lakes: Western FellsX
Base Brown 646mNY225114Lakes: Western Fells
Dodd 641mNY163157Lakes: Western Fells
Iron Crag 640mNY123119Lakes: Western Fells
Starling Dodd 633mNY141157Lakes: Western FellsX
Honister Crag [Black Star] 630mNY212142Lakes: Western Fells
Looking Stead (Pillar) 627mNY186117Lakes: Western Fells
Yewbarrow 627mNY173084Lakes: Western Fells
Yewbarrow North Top 616mNY175091Lakes: Western Fells
Great Borne 616mNY123163Lakes: Western FellsX
Lakes: Central Fells
High Raise [Langdale] 762mNY280095Lakes: Central FellsX
Harrison Stickle 736mNY281074Lakes: Central FellsX
Codale Head 730mNY288090Lakes: Central FellsX
Ullscarf 726mNY291121Lakes: Central FellsX
Thunacar Knott 723mNY279079Lakes: Central FellsX
Pike of Stickle 709mNY273073Lakes: Central FellsX
Pavey Ark 700mNY284079Lakes: Central FellsX
Loft Crag 680mNY277071Lakes: Central FellsX
Low Saddle 656mNY288133Lakes: Central FellsX
Lakes: Eastern Fells
Helvellyn 950mNY342151Lakes: Eastern FellsX
Lower Man 925mNY337155Lakes: Eastern FellsX
Nethermost Pike 891mNY343142Lakes: Eastern FellsX
Catstye Cam 890mNY348158Lakes: Eastern FellsX
Raise 883mNY342174Lakes: Eastern FellsX
Fairfield 873mNY358117Lakes: Eastern Fells
Striding Edge 863mNY350149Lakes: Eastern FellsX
White Side [Helvellyn] 863mNY337166Lakes: Eastern FellsX
Dollywaggon Pike 858mNY346130Lakes: Eastern FellsX
Great Dodd 857mNY341205Lakes: Eastern Fells
Stybarrow Dodd 843mNY343189Lakes: Eastern FellsX
St Sunday Crag 841mNY369134Lakes: Eastern FellsX
Hart Crag 822mNY368112Lakes: Eastern Fells
Green Side 795mNY352187Lakes: Eastern FellsX
Dove Crag 792mNY374104Lakes: Eastern Fells
Red Screes 776mNY396087Lakes: Eastern Fells
Great Rigg 766mNY355103Lakes: Eastern Fells
Hart Side 756mNY359197Lakes: Eastern FellsX
Seat Sandal 736mNY343115Lakes: Eastern Fells
Clough Head 726mNY333225Lakes: Eastern Fells
Birkhouse Moor 718mNY363159Lakes: Eastern FellsX
Sheffield Pike 675mNY369181Lakes: Eastern FellsX
Little Hart Crag 637mNY387100Lakes: Eastern Fells
Birks 622mNY380143Lakes: Eastern FellsX
Heron Pike North Top [Rydal Fell] 621mNY357086Lakes: Eastern Fells
Heron Pike 612mNY356083Lakes: Eastern Fells
Lakes: Far Eastern Fells
High Street 828mNY440110Lakes: Far Eastern FellsX
High Raise [High Street] 802mNY448134Lakes: Far Eastern Fells
Rampsgill Head 792mNY442128Lakes: Far Eastern Fells
Thornthwaite Crag 784mNY431100Lakes: Far Eastern FellsX
Kidsty Pike 780mNY447125Lakes: Far Eastern Fells
Harter Fell [High Street] 778mNY459093Lakes: Far Eastern FellsX
Stony Cove Pike [Caudale Moor] 763mNY417100Lakes: Far Eastern Fells
Ill Bell 757mNY436077Lakes: Far Eastern FellsX
Kentmere Pike 730mNY465077Lakes: Far Eastern FellsX
Froswick 720mNY435085Lakes: Far Eastern FellsX
Branstree 713mNY477100Lakes: Far Eastern FellsX
Yoke 706mNY437067Lakes: Far Eastern FellsX
Gray Crag 699mNY427117Lakes: Far Eastern Fells
Rest Dodd 696mNY432137Lakes: Far Eastern Fells
Branstree NE Top [East Top] 673mNY487103Lakes: Far Eastern FellsX
Loadpot Hill 671mNY456181Lakes: Far Eastern Fells
Wether Hill 670mNY455167Lakes: Far Eastern Fells
Tarn Crag 664mNY488078Lakes: Far Eastern Fells
Place Fell 657mNY405169Lakes: Far Eastern Fells
Selside Pike 655mNY490111Lakes: Far Eastern FellsX
Grey Crag [Sleddale Fell] 638mNY497072Lakes: Far Eastern Fells
Harrop Pike 637mNY500078Lakes: Far Eastern Fells
Rough Crag 628mNY454112Lakes: Far Eastern Fells
Hartsop Dodd 618mNY411118Lakes: Far Eastern Fells
Lakes: Southern Fells
Scafell Pike 978mNY215072Lakes: Southern FellsX
Scafell 964mNY206064Lakes: Southern FellsX
Symonds Knott 959mNY207067Lakes: Southern FellsX
Ill Crag 935mNY223073Lakes: Southern FellsX
Broad Crag 934mNY218075Lakes: Southern FellsX
Great End 910mNY226083Lakes: Southern FellsX
Bowfell 902mNY244064Lakes: Southern FellsX
Esk Pike 885mNY236075Lakes: Southern Fells
Bowfell North Top 866mNY244070Lakes: Southern FellsX
Crinkle Crags - Long Top 859mNY248048Lakes: Southern FellsX
Crinkle Crags South Top 834mNY250045Lakes: Southern FellsX
Shelter Crags 815mNY249053Lakes: Southern FellsX
Lingmell 807mNY209081Lakes: Southern FellsX
The Old Man of Coniston 803mSD272978Lakes: Southern FellsX
Swirl How 802mNY272005Lakes: Southern Fells
Brim Fell 796mSD270985Lakes: Southern FellsX
Allen Crags 785mNY236085Lakes: Southern Fells
Great Carrs 785mNY270008Lakes: Southern Fells
Glaramara 783mNY246104Lakes: Southern Fells
Dow Crag 778mSD262977Lakes: Southern FellsX
Shelter Crags North Top 775mNY249057Lakes: Southern FellsX
Looking Steads (Glaramara) 775mNY245101Lakes: Southern Fells
Grey Friar 773mNY259003Lakes: Southern Fells
Wetherlam 763mNY288011Lakes: Southern Fells
Black Sails 745mNY282007Lakes: Southern Fells
Round How 741mNY218081Lakes: Southern FellsX
Little Stand 740mNY250033Lakes: Southern FellsX
Combe Head 735mNY249109Lakes: Southern Fells
Red Beck Top [Glaramara South Top] 721mNY242097Lakes: Southern Fells
Pike of Blisco 705mNY271042Lakes: Southern FellsX
Middleboot Knotts 703mNY213080Lakes: Southern FellsX
Cold Pike 701mNY262035Lakes: Southern FellsX
Great Knott 696mNY259042Lakes: Southern Fells
High House Tarn Top 684mNY240092Lakes: Southern Fells
Cold Pike West Top 683mNY258035Lakes: Southern FellsX
Combe Door Top 676mNY253108Lakes: Southern Fells
Cold Pike Far West Top 670mNY256037Lakes: Southern FellsX
Harter Fell [Hardknott] 654mSD218997Lakes: Southern Fells
Rossett Pike 651mNY249075Lakes: Southern FellsX
Seathwaite Fell 632mNY227097Lakes: Southern Fells
Dovenest Top [Dovenest Crag] 632mNY255113Lakes: Southern Fells
Seathwaite Fell South Top 631mNY227094Lakes: Southern Fells
Walna Scar 621mSD258963Lakes: Southern FellsX
Rosthwaite Fell [Rosthwaite Cam] 612mNY255118Lakes: Southern Fells
White Maiden 610mSD254957Lakes: Southern FellsX
North Pennines: Eastern Fells
Burnhope Seat 747mNY784376Pennines
Harwood Common 718mNY795362Pennines
Dead Stones 710mNY793399Pennines
Great Stony Hill 708mNY823359Pennines
Chapelfell Top 703mNY875346Pennines
Fendrith Hill 696mNY877333Pennines
Westernhope Moor [James's Hill] 675mNY923325Pennines
Killhope Law 673mNY819448Pennines
Three Pikes 651mNY834343Pennines
The Dodd 614mNY791457Pennines
Flinty Fell 614mNY770422Pennines
Middlehope Moor [Burtree Fell] 612mNY862432Pennines
North Pennines: Western Fells
Cross Fell 893mNY687343Pennines
Great Dun Fell 848mNY710321Pennines
Little Dun Fell 842mNY704330Pennines
Knock Fell 794mNY721302Pennines
Mickle Fell 788mNY804243Pennines
Meldon Hill 767mNY771290Pennines
Little Fell [Brough] 748mNY781222Pennines
Melmerby Fell 709mNY652380Pennines
Backstone Edge 699mNY725276Pennines
Round Hill 686mNY744361Pennines
Murton Fell 675mNY753245Pennines
Black Fell 664mNY648444Pennines
Long Man Hill 658mNY723373Pennines
Grey Nag 656mNY664476Pennines
Viewing Hill 649mNY788332Pennines
Tom Smith's Stone Top 637mNY655466Pennines
Fiend's Fell 634mNY643406Pennines
Cold Fell 621mNY605556Pennines
Bellbeaver Rigg 620mNY762350Pennines
Bink Moss 619mNY875243Pennines
Bullman Hills 614mNY706373Pennines
Dales: N Fells
Great Shunner Fell 716mSD848972Yorkshire DalesX
High Seat 709mNY802012Yorkshire Dales
Wild Boar Fell 708mSD758988Yorkshire Dales
Archy Styrigg [Gregory Chapel] 695mNY802003Yorkshire Dales
Hugh Seat 689mSD809991Yorkshire Dales
Swarth Fell 681mSD755966Yorkshire Dales
Baugh Fell - Tarn Rigg Hill 678mSD740916Yorkshire Dales
The Calf 676mSD667970Yorkshire Dales
Knoutberry Haw 676mSD731919Yorkshire Dales
Lovely Seat 675mSD879950Yorkshire DalesX
Calders 674mSD670960Yorkshire Dales
Bram Rigg Top 672mSD668964Yorkshire Dales
Rogan's Seat 672mNY919030Yorkshire Dales
Water Crag 668mNY928046Yorkshire Dales
Little Fell [Wensleydale] 667mSD808971Yorkshire Dales
Nine Standards Rigg 662mNY825061Yorkshire DalesX
Fell Head 640mSD649981Yorkshire Dales
Yarlside 639mSD685985Yorkshire Dales
Randygill Top 624mNY687000Yorkshire Dales
Bush Howe 623mSD659980Yorkshire Dales
Dales: S Fells
Whernside 736mSD738814Yorkshire DalesX
Ingleborough 724mSD741745Yorkshire DalesX
Great Whernside 704mSE002739Yorkshire DalesX
Buckden Pike 702mSD960787Yorkshire DalesX
Pen-y-ghent 694mSD838733Yorkshire DalesX
Great Coum 687mSD701835Yorkshire Dales
Plover Hill 680mSD849752Yorkshire Dales
Great Knoutberry Hill 672mSD788871Yorkshire Dales
Dodd Fell Hill 668mSD840845Yorkshire Dales
Fountains Fell 668mSD864715Yorkshire Dales
Fountains Fell South Top 662mSD868707Yorkshire Dales
Simon Fell 650mSD754751Yorkshire Dales
Yockenthwaite Moor 643mSD909810Yorkshire Dales
Green Hill 628mSD701820Yorkshire Dales
Gragareth 627mSD687793Yorkshire Dales
Darnbrook Fell 624mSD884728Yorkshire Dales
Drumaldrace 614mSD873867Yorkshire Dales
Peak District
Kinder Scout 636mSK085875Peak DistrictX
Bleaklow Head 633mSK092959Peak DistrictX
Higher Shelf Stones 621mSK089947Peak DistrictX
High Willhays 621mSX580892DartmoorX
Yes Tor 619mSX580901DartmoorX

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